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Posting to a Knowledge Blog using Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a Microsoft tool for Windows desktops specifically designed for blog authoring. The process for using it as an authoring tool for Knowledgeblogs is simple. This post explains how this is accomplished, and serves as an example of the process, since it was authored itself in Live Writer.


Simon J Cockell

Bioinformatics Support Unit

Newcastle University

United Kingdom



Basic Setup

  • Download and install Windows Live Writer, it is freely available, for Windows operating systems only.
  • When you first run the software, you will be prompted to set up a blog.
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Select ‘Other blog service’ from the list presented (the bottom option)
  • Enter the web address of the Knowledgeblog (in this case http://process.knowledgeblog.org/), and your user name and password
  • Click ‘Finish’
  • A new document should appear automatically
  • Write your post
  • When you are done, click ‘Publish’ to post the article to Knowledgeblog.

Revising a Post

Live Writer deals well with post revisions. Once you have published a post, if you continue to edit the original document, then click ‘Publish’ again, the original Knowledgeblog post will be updated. Also, since you can save drafts locally, you can close and re-open posts, and continue to work on them in Live Writer.

Live Writer also lets you pull posts down from the Knowledgeblog to edit them locally. Choose ‘Open’ from the toolbar (or ‘File’ –> ‘Open’ from the menu), and click on the name of the blog in the left hand panel (probably the bottom option). This will download a list of posts from the Knowledgeblog, and you can select one to edit.



Hyperlinks that you’ve inserted in your document should work as expected. To insert a new hyperlink, highlight the word that you want to be linked, select the ‘Hyperlink’ option from the right-hand pane, and enter the URL you want to link to in the appropriate box. Alternatively select the ‘Insert’ menu, then select ‘Hyperlink’, you will then be prompted to enter the text you want to display, and the URL you want it to link to in the resulting dialog box.


Images can be added to a post by selecting ‘Picture’ from the ‘Insert’ menu on either the right-hand pane or the upper menu bar. Once you have selected the image you want in your post, it will appear in your document. Example:




  1. As the above demonstrates, bulleted lists work as expected.
  2. So do numbered lists.

Text Justification

Text will be justified in the blog post as it is in the Word document.

This text is centred.

This text is right justified.

Blogging features


Select ‘Insert’ –> ‘Tags’ and enter a comma-separated list in the resulting dialog box.


Select ‘Edit’ –> ‘Categories’ and select appropriate categories from the resulting list (or enter your own in the box provided – not recommended).

Publish as draft

Select ‘Post draft to blog’ from the drop down next to the ‘Save draft’ button (or ‘File’ –> ‘Post draft to blog’).

What can’t you do?

Windows Live Writer supports all the default features of Knowledgeblogs.

Other resources

Other articles covering blogging from Live Writer:

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